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 exhibit / event design

[  Expertise: 3D modeling, renderings 

concept ideation and lighting design]

Contacted by a partner company to help create 3D model and render of the three different concepts for client presentation.


We created and helped on fine tuning the concepts and designs as well as creating all the 3D model, and renders.
Showcased is one of the design option renders


Create a memorable yet functional sales presence at CES 2022 that introduces a challenger to the Android mobile phone device category in the US market that includes one large conference room, two small conference rooms, product showcase, storage space, hot desk, a secret room and refreshments.


Step inside the hmd experience. This modern retail space houses a dynamic large focal wall at the center of it all to help grab guests' attention. Once inside, guests can lounge, and charge their devices while enjoying a cool refreshment. Guests are also welcome to explore the devices and engage with messaging throughout the space. Large monitors throughout the space will have dynamic 360 in-motion animations, that comes to life around the space while developing key messaging: Love it, Trust it, Keep it, – in a fun and innovative way.

Secret Room

- experiential area / moment

Product Display

Storage Room

Tv Screens

Semi Private

Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms

Graphic Walls

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