World Hostel

The Netherlands, 2013

The World Hostel is designed with a focus on connecting tourists and backpackers who visit Rotterdam. The design of the hostel was inspired by the different nationalities that visit Rotterdam.

With the design the focus was to create a hostel in which all nationalities would feel comfortable, but also be pushed to discover, interact, and connect with other. This is done by using different forms, materials, textures, and colors based on the nationalities that most visit Rotterdam.


The staircase to the first floor and the lobby, are the first triggers for people to interact, discover, connect, and engage. The Hostel rooms are all located on the facade of the building and every floor has a common area with a different activity, where people can come together. The rooms are designed as cocoons so visitors will only use them for sleeping and are encouraged to go out into the common areas.


Location:                         Coolsingel 75

Scale model building:   1:100

Location scale model:   1:100

Location model made in collaboration with Renee de Ruiter.